NO.1 Wallet
NO.1 Wallet
NO.1 Wallet
NO.1 Wallet

NO.1 Wallet

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This front pocket wallet is designed for mostly credit card users and minimal lovers who live simple.


- 2.5 oz (1mm) dark brown patterned leather
- handcrafted from scratch to cross stitch
- hand burnished and sealed the edges with a leather balm that I make
- develops a patina over time
- 1 main and 2 side pockets
- 6-8 credit cards with folded cash at first and will hold up to 10-12 credit cards and some cash when broken in
- 3.8" x 2.8" (9,5cm x 7cm)

* This is a natural leather that may contain scars, insect bites, creases, and marks from cow’s life.