I started crafting leather as a hobby about 3 years ago when I took a break from my full-time job. And leather crafting has been a full-time work for 2.5 years. I liked designing and making something that could be used daily. To design minimal and functional leather goods and meet people’s needs, I have to observe people. I try to learn how many credit cards they daily use, what type of wallet or cardholder they like to use, how they keep their MacBook protected from scratches or what else they carry with their passport. Observing these all and listening to people, I could come up with the best solution.













Therefore, besides selling online, I like to participate in craft fairs and designer markets. I get a chance to meet people, hear from them, get advice and ideas! It’s awesome to go back home full of new ideas and sometimes business opportunities. Yayy! Most of my designs come up as custom made an order at first and then I improve to continue making some of them as my collection.















I mostly participate in markets in Brooklyn, New York. And if you’d like to see, touch, and try the products, please come and visit me when I’m out there. I make announcements here and on social media.
















Upcoming events:

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