Hi there!

It's me, Zehra.

Before working on leather crafting, I was always interested in minimalism and functionality from kitchen goods, clothes, furniture to tech goods. Whatever I buy and use, I redesign them in my mind to make the best of minimal and functional goods. This obsession now helps me designing minimalist and functional leather goods.

I went to college and studied business and marketing, but I always had a crafty side that I never explored. I figured out this in 2016 when I took a break from my full-time job and happened to meet leather crafting. I enjoyed creating small leather things such as bracelet and earrings in this period of time. As a self-taught person, I watched so many leather crafting videos, read a lot about leather. In nine months; I moved from making a leather bracelet to designing and making leather wallets. When people around me started encouraging to design and make leather goods for daily life, I’ve got the motivation to move on. I started Nine Leather Co. in 2017; making a small batch of leather wallets, MacBook sleeves, bags, and notebook - passport cases.

My sister, a design school student, who has a good eye of minimal design, helps with design and always gives me feedback about products. I am often back and forth between New York and Istanbul. Our products are designed in New York and Istanbul and most of the production happens in Istanbul although some in New York. We attend craft shows in New York, to see our products in person, follow us on social media for any event updates.

Why Nine Leather Co. “
The break from my full-time job was 9 months and 9 became my lucky number! I was lucky to explore a life-changing skill of mine in this period of time. I would never imagine myself for creating something by hand. Now you're purchasing leather goods from a person who's doing what she loves.